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In 1976, I began a career as a legal secretary, and in 1981 founded a company known as Legal Type Plus, a legal secretarial/paralegal business specializing in family law and probate.

In 1995, I enrolled in a yoga class and felt an immediate connection with yoga, both physically and spiritually. The poses felt very natural, and the calmness and serenity I experienced felt very right. It helped me to realize that we have been put here on earth to be happy and follow our own paths. As a result, I moved to the beach and began my new life with my little companion, Meitu, an adorable peach-faced lovebird.

It was at this time that I enrolled in another life-altering class—T'ai Chi Chih® Joy Thru Movement! Again, the moves felt natural and flowing, and the spiritual connection was incredible. So, after taking classes for approximately 18 months, I attended a week-long training in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and became a certified T'ai Chi Chih® instructor! In November of that same year, I became a certified instructor of Seijaku, an advanced form of T'ai Chi Chih® Joy Thru Movement.

I knew that my T'ai Chi Chih® practice had improved my quality of life and generally made me feel better physically, but it proved to be a powerful healing tool as well! Let me explain. In December 1999, I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my lower back, which caused me to lose all strength in my right leg and the reflex in my right foot. Three health care practitioners—a chiropractor, my physician, and a neurosurgeon—all advised me that the only way this condition could be remedied was with surgery and if I did not undergo surgery very soon, chances were great that I would never regain full strength in that leg. I was not intrigued with the idea of surgery, especially after speaking with several people who had undergone the same procedure and had not been helped appreciably.

It was over the course of the next two to three weeks, after continuing my T'ai Chi Chih® practice on a regular basis, that I realized that my back didn't hurt, that I was moving quite easily, and that I was actually regaining the strength in my right leg! I also realized that after completing T'ai Chi Chih® sessions, I had no discomfort for approximately 24 hours. A week later, after experiencing even more progress, and with my doctor's blessing, I cancelled the surgery!! It has now been over two years since the injury, I have not undergone any surgery, and my back is stronger than it was prior to the injury.

Then, in May of 2000, a friend who knew about my back injury, introduced me to a relatively new wellness technology. I attached one of the products to my lower back, put another product in my shoes, and slept on the sleep system. Shortly, I found that my entire body felt better, my back was more flexible, I felt stronger, and was sleeping better than I had in over ten years! I hadn't even realized that I had been waking up 10, 15 or 20 times a night until I started sleeping straight through the night on the sleep system! But the improvements didn't stop there! For me, one of the most impressive products of this company turned out to be the business opportunity! I had been involved in a multi-level marketing business before and was not impressed! When my friend first approached me about this wellness company, I told her that the products were terrific, but I didn't have the time, money or experience to "do the business". However, after about six months, I realized that this company was not just a wellness product or a business—it was my key to financial freedom!

I have closed down the paralegal business, and am having a wonderful time as a wellness consultant, T'ai Chi Chih® instructor, and energy healer. I am finally living the balanced life that I want, and helping others to do the same. Meitu and I are happy campers indeed! Life is good!


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